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[texts]Notes on Quantum Mechanics - K. Schulten
The following notes introduce Quantum Mechanics at an advanced level addressing students of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Electrical Engineering. The aim is to put mathematical concepts and techniques like the path integral, algebraic techniques, Lie algebras and representation theory at the readers disposal. For this purpose they attempt to motivate the various physical and mathematical concepts as well as provide detailed derivations and complete sample calculations.pp 400 Lecture Notes ...
Keywords: Quantum Mechanics
Downloads: 111
[texts]Quantum Mechanics: A graduate level course - Richard Fitzpatrick
Contents: Introduction; Fundamental concepts; Position and momentum; Quantum dynamics; Angular momentum; Approximation methods; Scattering theory. Lecture Notes Collection FreeScience.info ID2466 Obtained from http://farside.ph.utexas.edu/teaching/qm/389.pdf http://www.freescience.info/go.php?pagename=books&id=2466
Keywords: Quantum Mechanics
Downloads: 63
[texts]Quantum Mechanics - Alex Grob
Contents:1. Introduction � Wave Mechanics 2. Fundamental Concepts of Quantum Mechanics 3. Quantum Dynamics 4. Angular Momentum 5. Approximation Methods 6. Symmetry in Quantum Mechanics 7. Scattering Theory 8. Relativistic Quantum Mechanics. Lecture Notes Collection FreeScience.info ID1436 Obtained from http://www.uni-ulm.de/theochem/lehre/TheoPhys_QM_script.pdf http://www.freescience.info/go.php?pagename=books&id=1436
Keywords: Quantum Mechanics
Downloads: 225
[texts]Quantum Mechanics - Martin Plenio
Contents: Quantum Mechanics; Mathematical Foundations; Quantum Measurements; Dynamics and Symmetries; Approximation Methods; Quantum Information Processing; Quantum Information Theory. Lecture Notes Collection FreeScience.info ID1675 Obtained from http://www.lsr.ph.ic.ac.uk/~plenio/lecture.pdf http://www.freescience.info/go.php?pagename=books&id=1675
Keywords: Quantum Mechanics
Downloads: 185
[texts]Quantum Notes - Jed Rembold
Contents: Preliminaries; Classical Mechanics Review; Postulates of QM; Simple Problems in 1 Dimension; Wave Packets; Harmonic Oscillator and Second Quantization; Systems with N Degrees of Freedom; Classical Limit and WKB Approximation; Symmetries; Central Potential; Angular Momentum: Spin; Addition of Angular Momentum; Perturbation Theory ; Scattering; Relativistic Quantum Mechanics: The Dirac Equation; Feynmann Path Integrals...
Keywords: Quantum Mechanics
Downloads: 69
[audio]Episode 35: Cosmos Reboot in Review Ep. 5 - The Mile High Sanity Project
Today it's Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, episode five. Follow the journey of astrophysics from camera obscura, to modern spectroscopy. What is light? How do we measure the spectrum? And what is an atomic bar code? Its all hidden in the light in this edition of the Mile High Sanity Project.
Keywords: Cosmos; Quantum Mechanics; Physics
Downloads: 74
[texts]Feynman Physics Lectures V 3 Ch 10 1963 05 09 Other Two State Systems
Tome 3Chapitre 10
Keywords: Physics; Quantum Mechanics; Feynman
Downloads: 15
[texts]Feynman Physics Lectures V 3 Ch 11 1963 05 13 More Two State Systems
Tome 3Chapitre 11
Keywords: Physics; Quantum Mechanics; Feynman
Downloads: 14
[texts]Investigation of the neutron quantum states in the Earth's gravitational field (Volume 110) - Nesvizhevsky, V.V.
Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Keywords: quantum mechanics; gravitation; neutrons
Downloads: 174
[texts]Green Function Images - Nguyen Van Lien
Keywords: Green; Solid; Quantum mechanics
Downloads: 5
[texts]There are hidden variables in quantum mechanics - Spyridon Koutandos
The first two chapters in this article are dealing with the compatibility of Schrödinger equation with Maxwell equations. Although the reader may find them boring or difficult to understand, they are the continuation of my first two articles S1,S2 as mentioned in the introduction. Of course the essence of the title of this article lies within chapter 3, in which I discuss the fact that there are âhidden variablesâ in quantum mechanics, as Dr Albert Einstein first named them while he lived.
Keywords: charge; quantum mechanics
Downloads: 274
[texts]ABC's Of Quantum Mechanics By Rydnik
This book will tell you about the origin and development of quantum mechanics, about its new concepts. It will describe how the new theory deciphered the secrets of the structure of atoms, molecules, crystals, atomic nuclei, and how quantum mechanics is dealing with the problem of the most fundamental of all properties of matter --the interaction of particles and the relationships between fields and matter.
Keywords: Quantum mechanics; Mir
Downloads: 10
[texts]ABC's Of Quantum Mechanics By Rydnik - itanveer
This book will tell you about the origin and development of quantum mechanics, about its new concepts. It will describe how the new theory deciphered the secrets of the structure of atoms, molecules, crystals, atomic nuclei, and how quantum mechanics is dealing with the problem of the most fundamental of all properties of matter --the interaction of particles and the relationships between fields and matter.
Keywords: Popular science; Quantum mechanics
Downloads: 13
[unknown]Quantum Mechanics - Peking University
These files available in Real Media format only.
Keywords: physics; quantum mechanics
Downloads: 1,157
[texts]Notes On Quantum Mechanics - K. Schulten
Lecture notes on quantum mechanics by K. Schulten.Obtained from the following links:http://www.freescience.info/go.php?pagename=books&id=2139http://quantum.phys.cmu.edu/CQT/index.html
Keywords: physics; quantum mechanics
Downloads: 109
[texts]Group Theory in Quantum Mechanics - Volker Heine

Keywords: physics; quantum mechanics
Downloads: 182
[texts]Introduction to Quantum Mechanics with Applications to Chemistry - Linus Pauling

Keywords: physics; quantum mechanics
Downloads: 729
[texts]Physics Volume 3
Cours (en Anglais) d'un fameux pédagogue et prix Nobel (Feynman).Ce volume 3 est consacré à la Mécanique Quantique.
Keywords: Physics; Quantum Mechanics; Feynman
Downloads: 56
[texts]A metastable state of around 10?6 seconds in Re¹87 - Clinton Laboratories
Keywords: Rhenium; Energy levels (Quantum mechanics
Downloads: 75
[texts]Quantum Notes
Notes on quantum mechanics by Jed Rembold.Typed in LaTeXFreescience ID: 2444Accessed through the following links:http://quantum.phys.cmu.edu/CQT/index.htmlhttp://www.freescience.info/go.php?pagename=books&id=2444
Keywords: phsyics; lecture notes; quantum mechanics
Downloads: 24
[texts]Feynman Physics Lectures V 3 Ch 09 1963 05 06 The Amonia Maser
Tome 3 Chapitre 9
Keywords: Physics; Quantum Mechanics; Ammonia Maser
Downloads: 11
[texts]Feynman Physics Lectures V 3 Ch 20 1964 06 04 Operators
Tome 3Chapitre 20
Keywords: Physics; Quantum Mechanics; Operators; Feynman
Downloads: 14
[texts]Feynman Physics Lectures V 3 Ch 14 1964 05 11 Semiconductors
Tome 3Chapitre 14
Keywords: Physics; Quantum Mechanics; Semiconductors; Feynman
Downloads: 23
[texts]The Theory Of The Universal Wave Function - Hugh Everett
Hugh Everett, The Theory of the Universal Wave Function, Thesis, Princeton University, (1956, 1973), pp. 1–140.(Originally titled Wave Mechanics Without Probability, this is the foundational paper of the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.)
Keywords: physics; theoretical physics; quantum mechanics
Downloads: 18
[audio]Absolutely Small -- Groks Science Show 2011-08-31 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Quantum mechanics may seem to be an intimidating topic, yet it is fundamental to understanding the everyday world. On this program, Prof. Michael Fayer discussed how quantum theory explains our everyday world.
Keywords: science; quantum mechanics; physics; groks
Downloads: 2,562
[audio]Quantum Story -- Groks Science Show 2010-12-01 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
The amazing technological developments of the modern age have been enabled in part through the advances in quantum physics. On this program, Prof. James Kakalios discussed the amazing story of quantum mechanics.
Keywords: science; physics; quantum mechanics; groks
Downloads: 3,638
[texts]Cours De Mécanique Quantique
Célèbre cours de Mécanique Quantique accessible au Bachelier. L'approche de ce sujet fut tout à fait nouvelle en son temps car elle ne passait pas par la fameuse équation de Schrödinger. L'auteur cherche avant tout à faire connaître les mécanismes quantiques sans perdre le lecteur dans les développements mathématiques réservés aux seuls spécialistes.
Keywords: Quantum Mechanics; Mécanique Quantique; Feynman
Downloads: 52
[movies]Oxford-University Reading: Quantum Mechanics
In this series of physics lectures, Professor J.J. Binney explains how probabilities are obtained from quantum amplitudes, why they give rise to quantum interference, the concept of a complete set of amplitudes and how this defines a "quantum state". 001 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, Probability Amplitudes and Quantum States 002 Dirac Notation and the Energy Representation 003 Operators and Measurement 004 Commutators and Time Evolution (the Time Dependent Schrodinger Equation) 005 Further ...
Keywords: physics; quantum mechanics; reading; university
Downloads: 69,981
[texts]Mass spectrographic assignment of activities to Re¹86 and Re¹88 - Argonne National Laboratory
Keywords: Rhenium; Energy levels (Quantum mechanics
Downloads: 75
[texts]Consistent Quantum Theory - Robert B. Griffiths
A book on the quantum theory of nature
Keywords: physics; quantum mechanics; quantum theory
Downloads: 144
[texts]Interpreting QM according to a pragmatist approach - Manuel Bächtold
The aim of this paper is to show that quantum mechanics can be interpreted according to a pragmatist approach. The latter consists, first, in giving a pragmatic definition to each term used in microphysics, second, in making explicit the functions any theory must fulfil so as to ensure the success of the research activity in microphysics, and third, in showing that quantum mechanics is the only theory which fulfils exactly these functions.
Keywords: Quantum mechanics; Interpretation; Pragmatism; Instrumentalism
Downloads: 70
[texts]Theoretical Physics - W. Wilson

Keywords: physics; theoretical physics; quantum mechanics
Downloads: 280
[movies]James Mcguire. History of Science lecture. Wittgenstein, Wheeler, Wallace. - V. Murzin
History of Science Lecture Dr. James Mcguire, Professor Emeritus, Florida Atlantic University, Department of Physics IYI*: Ludwig Wittgenstein, John Archibald Wheeler and David Foster Wallace. A discussion of the curious relation of philosophy, mathematics and physics. *If You are Interested, as per DFW. Introduction by Dr. J.A. Scott Kelso, Glenwood and Martha Creech Eminent Scholar Chair in Science...
Keywords: philosophy; mathematics; physics; quantum mechanics
Downloads: 506
[audio]chapter 7 lecture - Clarissa Sorensen-Unruh
This is the lecture for chapter 7 in the Tro book.
Keywords: chemistry; quantum mechanics; energy; atomic models
Downloads: 65
[audio](o2 label01-048 ) Quantum MechanicsQuantum Mechanics - I (2011)
o2label 01~048 Quantum MechanicsQuantum Mechanics - I Квантовая механика - это не просто раздел физики или какое-то направление в науке. Квантовая механика - это совершенно другое представление о реальности нас окружающей и о нашем месте в мире...
Keywords: o2 label; Quantum Mechanics; Berlin School
Downloads: 249 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Feynman Physics Lectures V 3 Ch 18 1964 05 28 Angular Momentum
Tome 3Chapitre 18
Keywords: Physics; Quantum Mechanics; Angular Momentum; Feynman
Downloads: 21
[audio]pointBlank Radio: It's Uranus! Episode 11 - Host: Andrew Blank
The 11th installment of pointBlank Radio!
Keywords: wiux; oragami; radio; snuggies; quantum mechanics
Downloads: 35
[texts]Professor Revaz R. Dogonadze (1931-1985) - Professor Zurab D. Urushadze
About life and works of the Member of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Revaz (Rezo) R. Dogonadze (1931-1985), - outstanding Georgian scientist and public figure, one of the founders of new science - Quantum Electrochemistry.
Keywords: Quantum Mechanics; Electrochemistry; Chemistry; Biochemistry; Georgia
Downloads: 108
[texts]Feynman Physics Lectures V 3 Ch 15 1964 05 14 Independent Particle Approximation
Tome 3Chapitre 15
Keywords: Physics; Quantum Mechanics; Independent particle approximation; Feynman
Downloads: 10
[texts]Relativistic Wave Equations - W.Greiner
Relativistiv Wave Equations from Klein Gordon equation to Dirac Theory
Keywords: Advanced Quantum Mechanics; Relativistic wave equations
Downloads: 354
[texts]Feynman Physics Lectures V 3 Ch 08 1963 05 02 The Hamiltonian Matrix
Tome 3Chapitre _
Keywords: Physics; Quantum Mechanics; Hamiltonian Matrix; Feynman
Downloads: 19
[texts]Green's Function - Nguyễn Văn Liễn - Nguyễn Văn Liễn
Keywords: Green; Nguyen Van Lien; Solid; Quantum Mechanics
Downloads: 3
[texts]Simulation of a Flywheel Electrical System for Aerospace Applications - Truong, Long V.
A Flywheel Energy Storage Demonstration Project was initiated at the NASA Glenn Research Center as a possible replacement for the battery energy storage system on the International Space Station (ISS). While the hardware fabrication work was being performed at a university and contractor's facility, the related simulation activity was begun at Glenn. At the top level, Glenn researchers simulated the operation of the ISS primary electrical system (as described in another paper) with the Flywheel ...
Downloads: 143
[texts]Feynman Physics Lectures V 3 Ch 21 1963 06 04 Schrodinger Equation In Classical Context
Tome 3Chapitre 21
Keywords: Physics; Quantum Mechanics; Schrodinger Equation; Feynman
Downloads: 19
[texts]Quantum Physics I- Lecture2 - Vladan Vuletic
Problems with/failures of QM; Quantum Mechanics; Copenhagen interpretation
Keywords: Physics; Quantum Physics; Quantum Mechanics; Physics
Downloads: 8
[texts]Classical and Quantum Chaos- Irrationally Winding - R. Artuso;Predrag Cvitanovi?
This chapter is concerned with the mode locking problems for circle maps:besides its physical relevance it nicely illustrates the use of cycle expansions away from the dynamical setting, in the realm of renormalization theory at the transition to chaos.
Keywords: Physics; Quantum Physics; Quantum Mechanics; Physics
Downloads: 10
[texts]Classical and Quantum Chaos- Why Does It Work. - R. Artuso;Predrag Cvitanovi?;H.H. Rugh
As we shall see, the trace formulas and spectral determinants work well, sometimes very well. The question is: Why? And it still is. The heuristic manipulations of chapter 18 were naive and reckless, as we are facing in�nite-dimensional vector spaces and singular integral kernels. We now outline the key ingredients of proofs that put the trace and determinant formulas on solid footing. This requires taking a closer look at the evolution operators from a mathematical point of view, since up to ...
Keywords: Physics; Quantum Physics; Quantum Mechanics; Physics
Downloads: 15
[texts]Classical and Quantum Chaos- Diffraction Distraction - N. Whelan
As noted in chapter 37, the classical mechanics of the helium atom is unde�ned at the instant of a triple collision. This is a common phenomenon - there is often some singularity or discontinuity in the classical mechanics of physical systems.This discontinuity can even be helpful in classifying the dynamics. The points in phase space which have a past or future at the discontinuity form manifolds which divide the phase space and provide the symbolic dynamics...
Keywords: Physics; Quantum Physics; Quantum Mechanics; Physics
Downloads: 8
[audio]Heaveny Physics -- Groks Science Show 2011-10-12 - Charles Lee and Frank Ling
Modern physics may seem remote from our daily lives, yet the discoveries in the field have the potential to change how we view the world. On this program, Lisa Randall discussed how discoveries in modern physics shape the world around us.
Keywords: science; quantum mechanics; cosmology; physics; groks
Downloads: 3,119
[texts]Classical and Quantum Chaos- Deterministic Diffusion - R. Artuso;Predrag Cvitanovi�c
The theory of dynamical systems has yielded new sets of microscopic dynamics formulas for macroscopic observables such as di_usion constants and the pressure, to which we turn now.
Keywords: Physics; Quantum Physics; Quantum Mechanics; Physics
Downloads: 9
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